Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions that previous customers have asked.

What size area do we need?

We need about 10 sq meters  of reasonably level ground. We can get it in a smaller area if needed, but it does look a bit cramped.

What happens if it is raining during the event?

The golf course is designed to cope with the British weather all year around. So your guests can still play if it is raining if they want too.

Do you have any insurance?

Yes we have a 5 million public liability insurance and you will receive a copy in pdf format if you require one. There is also access to our terms of hire and risk assessment on the website.

How safe is the course to play on?

To minimum risk of injury we have low bounce golf balls, rubber headed golf clubs and a set of rules on display at all times.

How do I get a free quote and book to hire the course?

Just contact us to get a free quote with your date of the event, length of time required and the postcode of the venue address. From that information we can send you a personalized quote. To book, once you are happy with your quote we will raise a invoice where a £100 deposit has to be paid to secure the booking. The balance payment will be due 10 days before your event.

I want to cancel my booking?

You may cancel your booking at anytime, but any monies paid will be subject to the terms of hire.

How long does it take to set up?

With good access it normally takes about 20-40 mins to set up. Just depends how far away the van is parked to where the course is to be set up.

What time do you arrive on site to start set up?

We try to arrive on site about 1 hour before your event starts. This gives us time to find out where you  would like the course to be sited. Then we can start set up.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions- Pendrell Hall

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