Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Get to know all about us and our roles here at Crazy Golf Fun

Andrew – Senior Partner at Crazy Golf Fun

meet the team, Andrew

This is Andrew, the brains behind the business! His vision of Crazy Golf Fun began in 2014. He soon got to building the first course, spending many late nights in the garage, making lots of noise. After many long hours, the first course was complete and ready for the first booking. After the success of the first course, Andrew built the second course, which is now the one we use for your bookings, and from there the rest is history!

Alongside creating Crazy Golf Fun, Andrew is an entrepreneur and businessman. Andrew and his wife Carol own and run a successful independent cheese shop located in Malvern, established in 1995.

Andrew also has an interest in motorsport and would spend most weekends following the British Touring Car Championship. This then lead Andrew to becoming a Senior Tyre Technician for multiple race teams alongside running The Cheeseboard and Crazy Golf Fun. It is safe to say Andrew likes to keep busy and is always looking for the next business opportunity!

Izzy – Media Manager at Crazy Golf Fun

meet the team ,Izzy

Meet Izzy – Our media manager that spends most of her spare time correcting Andrew’s mistakes! She is the daughter of Andrew and is responsible for creating media content, including Tiktok, Instagram and Website posts. In addition to this, she helps her dad brainstorm new ideas for the business and makes sure he is staying up to date with modern technology. She has even taught Andrew how to use Instagram, although she still has to oversee it and answer his calls on how to upload things!

Alongside coming up with creative ideas with Andrew, Izzy likes to be creative through playing her saxophone, crocheting, and cooking new recipes. Izzy has a degree in Early Childhood Studies so is great with younger children – if you get to meet her, your kids will be entertained for hours!

Jon – Event Helper at Crazy Golf Fun

Meet the team , Hola Jon

Say Hola to Jon! Jon is our fantastic Event Helper who occasionally carries out set up/down and running of events in the case that Andrew is not about. As you can tell from the picture, Jon is outgoing and full of fun and will always bring a smile to your face.

Outside of Crazy Golf Fun, Jon works for a local cider company selling the some of the finest cider there is. If you are a cider lover and Jon is at your event, you could be chatting for hours!

Think its great to meet the team and always put names to faces. We have a wonderful team behind us always willing to help.


We are a small independent family business who strive for perfection. We always aim to ensure your event or special day is stress free, easy and enjoyable for you. We cannot wait to hear from you and hopefully learn more about you!

Crazy Golf Fun Family x

Thank you for your continued support,

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